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2nd issue of Ecocarst Magazine Summary
  • Word from the Editor
  • Breviary
  • Report
    - National Course of Karstology
    - National Course of Chiropterology
  • National Course of Biospeleology
  • Closani Cave
    - A sparkle of the marvelous nature
  • S.I.S.
    - Speleological Information System
  • Structure and limits of karstic environment
    - Theoretical concepts
  • Superficial subterrain environment
    - a not very well known component
  • Bat protection in Romania
    - an immediate necessity (II)
  • Roscani Area Karst
    - (Poiana Rusca Massif)
  • Climatic aspects of the last ice age
    - based upon mamals association from Central Dobrogea Karst
  • Europe's Caves
    - Austria
  • Mineralogist's corner
We are pround to inform you that the3rd issue of the Ecocarst Magazine is available.
Spend no more than 40,000 ROL per copy and you will be able to know the latest speleological discoveries in Romania and abroad!
And remember that SRSC members receive a free copy of the magazine!

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