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About SRSC
Comitetul Director

About SRSC

The Romanian Speleology Karstology Society is an NGO founded in 1990 and aims to explore and protect the Romanian karstic areas.
Its activity was primarely based on volunteers, including the four hundred active members, partner caving clubs and various environment organizations. The Romanian Speleology Karstology Society is under direct scientific coordination of the Romanian Academy and The Speleogical Institute "Emil Racovita".
In the last three years, the activity of Romanian Speleology Karstology Society consisted in:
- science-education (training and courses for all fields of interest)
- awareness-information (issuing a periodical magazine "Ecocarst" since 2000)
- specific activities for environment protection and conservation (environmental cleaning expeditions)


Executive Comitee

The current members of the Executive Comitee, as elected in the last General Meeting dated April 2002 are:

Viorel Horoi - President
Alexandru Petculescu - Vice-President
Doru Panaitescu - Vice-President
Razvan Arghir - Secretary
Diana Petculescu - Treasurer



"It is not hard to tell that all Romanian speleologists, regardless their affiliations, wanted a necessary change in 1990 of the structure of the existing speleology's organization in Romania, even if there had been one of the most powerful "youth" organization in Romania by that date.
That probably explains why in just half a year, many speleogical organizations were created instead of the former Central Comitee for Sportive Speology of the Romanian Federation for Tourism-Alpinism: The Romanian Speleology Karstology Society in Bucharest and many others in the historical areas of Romania.
That had an devastating effect on the Romanian speleogical activity.
The various parties such founded started a war for getting and keeping active members, in order tu justify their existence as organizations.
Thus, many members were affiliated to two or more, and even all of the organizations mentioned above.
Being elected as the president of the Romanian Speleology Karstology Society, I tried first of all to keep a guiding line in the speleology's big maze born after 1990. With the great help of the caving clubs from Ramnicu Valcea I managed to focus the whole activity of the organization around the yearly speleological general festival called "Speleology - science, art, hobby".
I also kept together the yearly trainings and courses of speotopography and biospeleology held in Closani and managed to sign an agreement with the French Speleological Federation, keeping a permanent contact with all Roamanian speleogical organizations. That was, undoubtfully, a turning point in the Romanian speleogical activity.
Reelected as president of SRSC for the next four years, I could easily see that the Romanian speleogical activity kept on collapsing. Yet there were great speleological characters, great people who did not care about anything when it came for their "hobby for a lifetime". I can not give names, there are too many to mention and they don't need anymore praises for what they did.
Together we drafted an statutory charter for the Romanian Speleological Federation, and each founding member acted independently from the Federation.
As president of the Romanian Speleology Karstology Society, I had the great honour to be one of the few to participate to the founding meeting for the Federation and I felt a selfish pride for the reintegration of the Romanian family of speleologists, even if it was not my accomplishment but was the organization's accomplishment, and I was only the one who happened to be the president of it.
After another four years, I left room for a younger scientist, Mr. Viorel Horoi, a man who was the heart of the organization for more than these eight years that passed. Along there are many other young people with the will to do something for the Romanian speleology and I hope they will continue our work and even do more for the sake of our beloved organization."

Dr. Gabriel Diaconu


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